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Our Company

UHS Brazil focuses on health management for international companies and travel insurers around national territory.

“Our goal is to provide medical and dental care management, with the highest quality standards, in several cities in the country.”

Our Mission

Provide solutions in health management, with qualified and motivated teams, reaching a new level in terms of excellence in medical and dental care.

Our Vision

Expand our coverage area, with partners accredited nationally and internationally, thus making it possible to serve a larger number of patients in various parts of the world.

Our Pillars


Always respect patients and family members in all assistances, providing the best care and satisfaction.



Acting with a permanent commitment to the satisfaction of our clients and in the continuous improvement of processes and results.



Manage resources in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way, with a view to institutional and social sustainability.


Human Dev.

Promote the personal and professional valuation of our employees through the continuous development of human potentialities.

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