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Travel Insurance

Personalized medical attention to tourists insured, with bilingual staff and doctors, at times previously scheduled or made available through an emergency call. We also offer solutions for groups of tourists, with doctors able to accompany for a defined period (medical rounds), in national territory or other Countries.
Our call center is composed of consultants willing to meet requests and schedules medical consultations 24h/day, 7 days of the week.

Maritime Companies

Teams with experience in assisting employees and passengers of maritime companies, offering solutions in health care (medical and dental). We have bilingual providers to accompany the patient throughout the care, thus expediting the resolution of care at the hospital or clinic.
At the end of the service, all medical information will be available with reports in Portuguese and/or English, informing if the patient can continue to carry out their activities on board, according to the needs of our client.

Offshore Medicine

UHS Brazil offers a complete medical assistance to employees, in a specific contracted area, with bilingual professionals prepared to attend emergency and routine medical situations. We also offer escort service, with doctors and nurses, to attend patients during their transfer to their country/state of origin.

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