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Medical Assistance Center 24 hour

Our 24 Hour Medical Assistance Center has a specialized team for medical and dental care, with monitoring and updating of the client’s status from the beginning to the end of the assistance.

Medical Home Care - House Call

Our Clients may request UHS medical attention in the patient’s desired location e.g.: home or hotels. UHS provides medical care in the most diverse cities with coverage in all national territory.

Hospital Network

In cases of emergency medical care, UHS Brazil provides a vast network of hospitals, thus, identifying and guiding our clients the best options for care in a nearby hospital. Our team will also recommend the best clinics for laboratory or imaging exams when needed.

Specialist Clinics

If a specialized medical follow-up is needed, after the first diagnosis, UHS Brazil counts on accredited clinics in the most diverse medical specialties, always with the highest standard of quality and affordable cost.

Dental Clinics

UHS Brazil also provides dental care with accredited clinics throughout the country, trained to perform an emergency care or complete oral health treatments for our clients.

Medical Escort

UHS Brazil also has a medical escort service, in which the doctor and nurse follow the patient, with medical needs, during transportation to their State or Country of origin.

Hospital Bill Audit

UHS Brazil specializes in auditing hospital bills.
Our service allows the review, expertise, intervention or examination of accounts of services or procedures provided by our medical professionals.

Vaccine Program for Companies

UHS Brazil offers a complete vaccination program for your company. Vaccination is one of the most effective measures in the prevention of diseases, being an effective campaign in favor of the conservation of the health of the company’s employees.

Second Medical Opinion

UHS Brazil also has the Second Medical Opinion service, which is a complementary opinion of medical diagnosis already performed or suggested treatment plan guidance.

Occupational Health

UHS Brazil acts in the prevention of diseases and labor problems caused by the environment and work routine. Our objective is to improve the physical, mental and social welfare of employees in the exercise of their occupations. We performed Audiometry, Spirometry, Visual Acuity, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Electroencephalogram (EEG), Laboratory Tests, X-rays, among other exams. Also all exams related to Occupational Safety (PPRA NR 9, Risk Maps, etc.), as well as Occupational Medicine (PCMSO NR 7, lectures and trainings).

Medical Shifts and Escorts for Travelers Groups

UHS Brazil has a special care plan for national and international travel, which consists of sending a doctor to the place that the group of travelers is, for shifts at pre-defined times, where they will perform medical consultations and preventive actions. The doctor can also accompany them during the tours, if there is a need for full monitoring, in order to ensure the well-being of the passengers.

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