Travel Insurance

Personalized medical care for insured tourists with bilingual doctors. Our service providers have experience in dealing with the specific needs of traveling patients, thus providing the least impact during their stay in Brazil.
We also offer solutions for groups of tourists, with doctors able to attend to them for a set period of time (Medical Rounds).

Maritime companies

Due to the difficulty of the language barrier for foreign patients during a visit to a hospital or clinic in Brazil, we have a team of bilingual service providers to accompany the patient during all face-to-face visits to clinics and hospitals. At the end of each treatment, a detailed report is issued in Portuguese and English so that the company can monitor the patient’s medical progress. In this report, our doctor also informs us whether the patient is fit to return to their activities on board the ship.

Offshore Medicine

UHS Brazil offers complete medical assistance for employees in a given contracted area, with professionals prepared to deal with emergency and routine situations. We also offer a team of doctors and nurses to escort highly complex patients to their country or state of origin.

Health is one of the greatest treasures we possess, which is why it is so important to guarantee the care your company needs. We are committed to providing quality services and helping you to offer care options and different ways of managing the health of employees and beneficiaries, always obtaining the best medical attention.

You can always count on UHS Brazil.