The Company

The Company

We have built a history of excellence in health care.

Founded in 2016, UHS Brazil is a company that focuses on health management for international companies, travel insurers and shipping companies throughout the country. Among some of our qualities, we can highlight the provision of medical and dental care that is humanized, agile and aligned with the culture of information security and data processing, in line with the LGPD.

Today we have +3,000 accredited service providers operating in +720 cities and +30,000 patients served. 

Among our group of service providers, we highlight a large hospital network, 50+ medical specialties, housecall doctors, dentists and clinics for laboratory and imaging tests.

Our call center is staffed by bilingual employees with experience in dealing with the demands of our international clients and patients traveling through Brazil, as well as monitoring all stages of care.
Our team also trains our service providers so that all the protocols required by our clients are met, always maintaining a standard of excellence in each service.

Our Pillars


Our care always aims at attention and respect for patients and their families, answering all questions regarding the condition, thus providing a higher satisfaction rate.


Acting with a permanent commitment to the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement of processes and results, including responsibility and compliance with the LGPD.


To promote the personal and professional development of our employees through the continuous development of human potential.


Manage resources in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way aiming to institutional and societal sustainability.